Navigating This Web


Local Navigation Buttons

The page in view is named on the page banner. Navigation buttons below the page banner will transport you to pages that continue the topic of the page in view.
If other pages are related to the page in view there will be navigation buttons above the page banner to transport you to them, or to the home page. There may also be buttons below the banner to continue the topic.

Local Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are color-coded. Yellow is the color of a fresh hyperlink - one you have not yet followed.
Red is the color of an active hyperlink - the most recent one on the page that has been followed.
Green is the color of an already-visited hyperlink. You'll know you've seen everything when you've put out all the yellow links in the Site Map.

Photographs and Images

Most photographs in this web are shown in thumbnail size to expedite page downloading, however each is a hyperlink to the full-sized photograph. Click on those that interest you. The full picture will appear in a browser window that replaces the page you were viewing. Use the browser's Back button to return to the page in view.

The photograph borders follow the same color code as text hyperlinks mentioned above. This sample is active. Try it.

Drawings are also presented in thumbnail size and, like photographs, are hyperlinks to the larger version. But they are not fitted with color-coded borders. Since they are not very ornate to start with, I dressed them up with a plaque-mounted look. Borders around the plaque just wouldn't look right.

Off Site Hyperlinks

If you click a hyperlink that points to another web, it will open in a separate browser window. You can browse at will and just close the window when finished. This web will be waiting for you to return.