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Our PV System
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Our photovoltaic generating plant was Pete's idea . . .

. . .something he'd wanted to do for many years.  We've built a separate web describing the plant and how it was built.  If you're interested in PV, we hope you will visit this web.

If you should view this web be sure to look at the Live Data pages. There you'll see the system's operating data in real time. You may also notice our Net Metering Surplus.  It has been accumulating since April, 2002 but we only got the EV in November. We forfeited 1,352 kilowatt-hours in April, 2003, which could have taken us about 4,000 miles in our EV. Since then we've kept this surplus to a minimum.

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Published December 8, 2002.
Updated August 19, 2005 .

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