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Welcome to our EV web

Its a Toyota RAV-4 EV and we brought it home November 1, 2002.  It had 14 miles on it and a nearly full "tank".  Today, August 19, 2005 , it shows 15,374 miles with a full tank, and we've fed it 4,905 kilowatt hours.  That's only 31.9 kilowatt hours per 100 miles, or 3.13 miles per kWh.

And every one of these kWh came from our PV generating plant.  We've never used a public charger.

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EV with its lifetime fuel supply.There's an engine in there somewhere.Plenty of room for our Costco runs.Home fueled.

Naturally we'd like to show you a few pictures.  Just click on any of these thumbnail images to see a larger size.

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No more fossil fuel burned at this house.

EV's aren't for everyone.  Some claim that they are for almost no one.  But for a retired couple whose entire home is powered by renewable energy, an EV is the perfect choice.

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We love our EV, and especially enjoy driving by the filling stations.  And Pete will be quite happy to never do another oil change.  But we feel a little alone in the world with it.  Our friends and neighbors just don't understand, so we'd like to get to know some other EV owners.  If this sounds good to you, please contact us through the link below.  Be sure to include your E-mail address so we can reply.

Best Regards from Elaine and Pete


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