Through the course of the solar project I received education and assistance from many sources. I wish to express my thanks to those who were so helpful. Their contributions helped make my PV project far more successful than I could have done alone.



Nash, my friend, neighbor, solar equipment dealer, and fellow radio ham who obtained the photovoltaic panels and inverters for me at very attractive prices. Nash, a retired JPL engineer, has been involved with solar energy since the early seventies.


Ken, my neighbor to the west of our new house. Ken owns a vast collection of tools from band saws to welding rigs, and every hand tool ever made. I wore a path to his house from all the trips to borrow them. Ken also performed the job of idea-bouncer. Together we found solutions for all the special problems encountered along the way.


Les, my friend of many years, former co-worker, and organic gardening buddy. Les came to my aid in deriving the equations for optimizing the photovoltaic array tilt angle, and also coded the Matlab program that produced the plots shown in the Tilt Angle page. Les has helped me with things computational on many occasions during our thirty-some year acquaintance


Noel Danjou, freelance software engineer extraordinaire in Normandy, France. Noel is the author of DynSite, the IP detection client that keeps the live data server accessible despite changes in its dynamic IP.


Participants in the newsgroup, whose postings and sometimes strong opinions on this topic provided many learning opportunities.


Christopher Gronbeck, whose Sun Position Javascript web page made easy work of planning the layout for the photovoltaic array. Christopher is the founder of Sustainable By Design, a small Seattle-based business providing scientific, design, multimedia, and communications services to the environmental community, with a focus on the solar energy, architecture, and green buildings fields.


Harry Watts, founder and CEO of the Canadian U-Bolt Connection. Harry manufactured a batch of 316 stainless steel six-inch U-bolts especially for my application. I used them to fasten the horizontal brace anchor rails to the vertical posts.


And to Coyotee Labs of Romania, who provided the Javascript that adds animated glow to the "powered by thermonuclear fusion" title on the home page. If you are looking for unique and clever Javascripts, pay them a visit.