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Inverter Upgrade


In the aftermath of comparing inverter performance it was clear that a change was needed. So I replaced four Xantrex inverters with three Sunny Boys.

The mounting technique was much simpler. For each inverter I attached two channels to the vertical posts, properly spaced for the inverter's mounting holes. A third channel was needed to support the external DC disconnect (Square D HU361RB).  The Xantrex inverters include their own internal DC disconnect.


Three of the Xantrex inverters were each wired to five strings of 4 PV panels and the fourth was wired to three such strings. The Sunny Boys required remapping, each with a single string of 24 panels. All the DC wiring had to be re-installed.


The upgrade created a lot of leftover wire, which reduced wire losses significantly.
And there was some other scrap generated. It would have been nice to have not purchased this to begin with.