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Subwoofer Project


This house features an alcove in the family room so the wide-screen TV and components can be built-in flush with the wall.  In-wall speakers are installed beside the alcove, and in the rear of the viewing area for surround sound.

My plans are to build the subwoofer into the fireplace hearth extension.  It seems to be an ideal location, but its shape and volume is not consistent with traditional designs.  This project has been deferred until I can learn more about subwoofer design.

A cavity has been prepared in the back wall of the alcove to accommodate the subwoofer amplifier, a 300 watt KG 5230 model from Madisound.com.


And here's the extension framing.  A driver could be placed at either end, or both ends.  Or in the center.  Ten-inch drivers could face outward, or larger drivers could face the floor with an exit port to the outside.

The width of just the straight section of the cavity is about 6 ft.  The volume of the entire cavity is about 11 cubic ft.  This does not include the much greater volume beneath the fireplace, which will be walled off.


Eventually I abandoned this subwoofer plan and decided to build them into the alcove instead.  Meanwhile our unfinished entertainment center and fireplace look like this.