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Something interesting is happening in Fallbrook!

In the summer of 1995 we started construction of a new house.  Pete had been working for several months designing it and drawing the plans.  It was our first experience at home-building.

The plan was to construct the house incorporating a wish-list derived from experiences in our previous residences.  A major goal was to optimize energy efficiency without compromising comfort and convenience. 

Shortly after the foundation was poured, Pete set about building the house by himself.  In this way, all the wish-list items could be included plus any more features that might be thought of along the way.

The project crept along for years, but it passed the county final inspection on March 14, 2002 and as of this revision date the unfinished tasks include interior door casing and painting, baseboards, and landscape.

This web has been constructed to show what we have accomplished by allowing plenty of time to make important decisions.  The final result will be a masterpiece and, according to Pete, the last house he will ever build.  But sadly, we will soon leave our dream home for a move to Port Angeles, Washington.

Browse through these pages to see how a retired electronic engineer, with no architectural or construction experience, somehow managed to almost single-handedly design and build this unique and elegant home.

Peter J. and Margaret E. Prossen
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