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Our Lorenzo home was designed to use only renewable forms of energy without compromising comfort and convenience.  There were many other features in our wish list, but here are the ones we managed to incorporate.


2698 square feet of living area with an 800 square foot 3-car garage on a 1.1 acre lot
Contemporary design, simple elegance with no need to make a fashion statement
Extra thick concrete slab and footings, heavily reinforced
Steel-framed construction with screw connections - no termite problems
Galvanized steel studs embedded in injection molded polystyrene foam insulation
7 inch thick (R-24) exterior walls provide quiet comfort
Interior walls packed with stabilized cellulose for sound control
5/8" type X drywall on all walls and ceilings improves thermal mass
Large 1-1/2 inch radius bullnose wall corners
Commercial grade symmetrical section steel roof trusses
High volume vaulted ceilings in family room, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom
Coffered ceiling in formal dining room
Nine-foot high flat ceilings in remaining areas
Seamless radiused high gloss window and door casings
Cherry wood cabinetry in kitchen, baths, laundry room and linen niche
Extra deep (26") kitchen cabinets
Hand-rubbed "Ostermann und Schiewe" fine furniture finish on all cabinetry
Granite kitchen countertops and full height backsplashes
Granite thresholds at all entry doors
Cast onyx bath countertops and shower surrounds
Cast onyx bathroom flooring
Japanese cherry laminate flooring in all other rooms
Dual pane vinyl windows keep out the heat
Radiant barrier roof sheeting with cloaked roof vents keeps attic temperatures low
R39 stabilized cellulose attic insulation cuts heating and cooling energy
Grid-tied solar electric plant provides all energy needs
Under-the-slab electrical wire distribution - no loose wire runs in the attic
20-amp electrical circuits throughout - lights won't dim when the laser printer starts
240V 40-amp branch circuit in garage for EV charger
Very light circuit load counts - sub panel accommodates extra breakers
Double duplex outlets in bedrooms and garage for home office convenience
Double duplex outlets and built-in reading lights in master bedroom
Electrical outlets inside bathroom cabinets for hiding appliance chargers
Whisper-quiet vent fans with timer switches in all bathrooms and laundry room.
20-amp circuit for Christmas lights with 4 switched outlets distributed around the eaves
20-amp circuit for landscape lighting with exterior switched outlet
Photo-controlled whole-house nightlight circuit with lifetime solid-state LED lamps
Halogen ceiling lighting with programmable dimmers in family room and hallway
Fluorescent ceiling lights, cove lights, and counter lights in kitchen
Compact fluorescent lighting in all other rooms
High quality and high efficiency electric kitchen appliances
Category 5 wiring to bedrooms, family room, kitchen, garage, and neighbor's house
Quad-shielded RG-6 coaxial cable to every bedroom, entertainment area, and garage
Built-in computer workstation with dedicated 20-amp electrical circuit
Built-in DSL modem and router serves whole-house ethernet network
Ethernet, telecom, and coaxial cables terminate at central distribution panels
Pre-installed cables to distribution panel for direct satellite TV
Built-in home theater center with surround sound and 58" Pioneer Elite high definition TV
Electric, TV and category 5 extension feeds to area for future guest house
Hot water circulating system, switchable on or off at each point of use
Whole-house R/O (reverse osmosis) water purification system
Conduit carries food-grade R/O tubing to refrigerator ice maker.
High grade ball stops (instead of cheap angle stops) for all faucets
Separate ball stops for dishwasher and R/O system
Deionized water wash down equipment keeps tubs and showers spot free
Underground wiring from garage to landscape irrigation valves
Rain gutters connect to underground storm drain system
Septic system sized for 5 bedrooms - ready for future guest house
Clay tile roof with fully-vitrified tile, not weaker partially vitrified or concrete tile
Huge high quality wood-burning fireplace with 12" ID stainless steel flue
High-powered 240-volt central vacuum system with outside exhaust
Fully finished and insulated garage for two cars and a large truck
Eight-foot high garage door clearance
Garage has non-sloping floor and 3 large view windows - great spot for a workshop
Large 780 square foot  covered patio