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Fallbrook, "The Friendly Village", is reasonably close to Interstate Highway 15, and only a little further from Interstate 5.  But this comfortable distance from major thoroughfares is what has kept the population density reasonable.  Occupying about 130 square miles, Fallbrook and it's surrounding area hosts about 50,000 residents.

The area is still somewhat rural, but the amenities are present.  One junior school, four elementary schools, and a high school on a 54 acre campus offer excellent academics, sports, and agricultural programs.  Major shopping centers are nearby in Temecula, Escondido, Vista, and other cities, but they are far enough away to keep local congestion at bay.  It's only 30 minutes to nearby beaches, and several of the finest golf courses in the state are right around a nearby corner.

Fallbrook is a scenic area, with rolling hills and views of distant mountains.   The clean air and favorable climate is one of its most valuable assets.   Elevations in the area range from 500 to 1500 feet above sea level, with an average at about 700 feet.  The average annual temperature is 61 degrees, while frosts and heat waves are rare.  Prevailing ocean breezes keep temperatures stable and humidity at a comfortable level.  Even the hottest days will have cool evenings.  Most plants, especially subtropical varieties, thrive in this gentle climate.