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"I obtained guidance and support for this project from many sources.  I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the persons mentioned here.  Their help contributed greatly to the success of this project."



Elaine, my ever-patient wife, who handled all the bookkeeping and bill paying for the project, and packed my lunches every day of its nearly seven year term while waiting to move into her new house.
Steve, my friend, former neighbor, and master builder for the rich and famous.  Steve coached me in several aspects of home construction.  He also showed me how to incorporate refinements found only in multi-million dollar homes.
Gary, my friend in the truss business.  Gary doesn't build steel trusses, but he generously granted me the use of his facilities to build them myself.
Taco, my guitar-picking buddy from the early 60's who now lives in Florida.  Taco spent a month here during summer '97 helping me build trusses and set them in place.
Ken, a friend and neighbor to the new house.  Ken owns a vast collection of tools -  one for every special job.  I wore a path to his house from all the trips to borrow them.  Ken also performed the job of idea-bouncer.  Together we found solutions for all the special problems encountered along the way.
  Dale (with his granddaughter) and Troy, friends and neighbors to the new house, who among other things provided the extra muscle needed to lift the windows and sliding glass doors into place.

Troy was so exhausted from all the effort that he spent the rest of the day in his easy chair.